Will group together outgoing responses, which occur in the 16 ms time frame. Groups by method + url. Merges parameters using logic of ts-data. Merges headers, joining same keys with , , if values are different.

Usefulness of this method may be not immediately obvious, but it’s the main reason TwinSpark exists. It’s an important optimization, which is hard enough to get right from the first try.

Use case for it was following: product listing always renders for an anonymous user (for an efficient caching on CDN), and then TwinSpark checks for wishlist status of the products. See it in action on Kasta.


Batching (advanced)#

Here all spans trigger request on visible, so click "Reset" to see more requests. See sources and debug panel to see how requests are combined in a single one.


Span 1
Span 2
Span 3